I have a friend - Marjolein Prins

I'm grateful for the sun to shine her light and warmth down on me

I'm grateful for the wind to embrace me strongly

I'm grateful for the earth to carry me whenever I feel sad and lonely

Because she will allways support me and guide me with her ancient wisdom

I have a friend


I enjoy her happiness, her beauty, her moods

I listen to her stories, her lessons that she teaches me in a universal language

I breathe her

I let her be a source of inspiration to live my legend, to travel the journey over paths of hearts

I take steps and set footprints on her that will live on and remain in memory but will be blown away by the wind that creates new space to take new steps

I sail her waters and read her omens

I am THE ONE for me guided by her

Knowing that she is a friend who will allways be there


Terschelling, maart 2004